Employment Opportunities

"Why should I choose Quality Care Staffing Solutions, LLC as my employer?"

We offer a "Too good to be true" job opportunity. You pick when and where you work. An office staff that supports and appreciates all the hard work you put in! Don't believe us? Here are some direct testimonials from some of the amazing people who work here!

"I LOVE that I can pick my own schedule (and what shifts I work) and have no obligation to work weekends or holidays. For staff that have kids or families at home this is a great agency that really gives you the freedom to work where and when you want!" C.F., CNA

"I basically pick my own hours around my needs. The pay is good, one of the better paying jobs for this line of work, and the company I work for (QCSS) treats me with respect and understanding as if they know my worth." K.V., CNA

“QCSS is a great employer who helps you schedule for your busy lifestyle. Contracting with facilities assures the facility they have dedicated staff to care for their residents.” T.P., CNA


Quality Care Staffing Solutions, LLC is dedicated to all staff. We pride ourselves on fostering an atmosphere of mutual trust, loyalty, respect, and honesty while recognizing the value and full potential of each and every individual. Quality Care Staffing Solutions, LLC strives to provide an equal opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

We are a Equal Opportunity Employer

We invite you to join our quickly growing team today!